Easy Homemade Cold Dessert You Will Surely Love

frozen treatsYou may be eating in a luxurious restaurant that serves a five-course meal. Yet subconsciously, you eat small por
tions of the first four courses—not because you are on a diet. It is because you are preparing for that one sweet course at the end of every meal. It is the cherry on top; the icing on cake. The last course which will cleanse your palette after a heavy meal—the dessert.

Cold Summer Desserts to Beat the Heat

It is not every day that we are able to treat ourselves to a professionally prepared yummy dessert. However during hot summer days, when you just want to freshen up like nobody’s business, these simple dessert recipes are going to be your superheroes. Try these frozen treats that are worth every single count of calories and carbs.

  1. Espresso Chocolate Chip Pudding with Chia Seeds

This simple dessert recipe is dairy-free and an all-natural alternative from your regular dessert which also makes it perfect for vegans, and health conscious fellows. It doesn’t contain any refined sugar or flour, so you won’t experience that horrible sugar crash afterwards.

  1. Blueberry Mousse

Blueberries are rich in folate, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. How can you say no to a frozen dessert that doesn’t only taste yummy but also packed with nutrients?

  1. Dark Chocolate and Wine Popsicle

Strawberries, red wine, and dark chocolate—could you ask for more? Cool down with this frozen sweet while soaking under the sun on the beach.

  1. Creamy Oreo Bar

Who needs cake when you have a whole pack of Oreo? Oreo cookies may be one of the most versatile dessert ingredients there is. You could turn it into just anything! If you want to munch on an easy light summer dessert aside from a regular Popsicle, then this creamy, espresso Oreo bar is your bestie.

easy light summer dessert


  1. Fruity Yogurt Bark

Watching your weight? No worries. This healthy frozen dessert won’t gain you a pound. Greek yogurt and fresh fruits is all you need. No extravagant gadgets or cooking skills needed.

  1. Whipped Strawberry Yogurt Dessert

If you are looking for a cool dessert under 100 calories, then this refreshing frozen strawberry dessert is made for you. Just grab a whipped topping, a bunch of fresh strawberries, and a pound of vanilla yogurt. Simply mix everything and make a sandwich using Graham crackers (another multipurpose item). This is the perfect cool dessert for your next backyard party.

  1. Choco-Banana Cold Treat

This is a two-ingredient refrigerated dessert that requires just a couple of items—mini chocolate chip and banana. Easy, quick, and super yummy, this dessert will be a favorite among your guests.

refrigerated dessert

  1. Mango-Coconut Tropical Treat

Longing for a tropical getaway? This creamy and delicious bowl of joy will take you there. You only need three ingredients to make this dessert: mango, raspberries, and coconut cream. It has the perfect balance of the sweet and sour taste of mango, the creaminess of coconut, and the delicate texture of raspberries. This will be the best sherbet that you will ever eat.