Greek Cuisine to Tickle Your Fancy

When thinking of Greek food, does your mind go right to Greek salad? Or are you thinking more of ingredients like pita, olive oil, and Greek yogurt? Perhaps you are one of those ancient types who crave nectar and ambrosia. Greek cuisine is more than just gyros and whatnots; it is a product of tradition, good harvest, and simplicity. Greek Read More

Speedy and Hearty Breakfast Recipes for Busy Moms

For working moms, it can be real frustrating when you’ve got to prepare breakfast every morning. Yes, a bowl of cereal would be the fastest option. But let’s face it, you’d want a recipe that’s special, tasty, healthy, and of course, something that won’t take you forever to cook. Why would you settle for breakfast cereals when you can have Read More

Must-Try Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

Jumpstart Healthy Living through These Suggested Mediterranean Food Recipes Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most interesting culinary traditions that one will ever come across. It is not brought about by a specific group of ethnic people, nor is it governed by a single culture. Mediterranean cooking is a label used to describe the culinary trends of the people who Read More

The History of Mediterranean Cuisine

Fresh herbs are used in abundance because the climate of the Mediterranean region is well-suited to cultivating herbaceous plants, like rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, and parsley.