What You Need to Know about Fusion Cuisine

Five Reasons Why Fusion Cuisine is Super

Fusion cuisine has been around far longer than most people think. While the term itself is somewhat new, the concept has been around for years and years. What is fusion cuisine exactly? Natasha Gelling at Smithsonian.com defines fusion cuisine as “the blending of culinary worlds to create new, hybrid dishes.”


Fusion cuisine


For as long as humans have been inventing dishes, the fusion of cultural dishes has existed just as long. Food fusion was born of humanity’s insatiable need to discover and innovate. Aside from resources like precious metals, unique fabrics, crafts, and more, spices and food were among the things travelers and explorers of the past brought back to their home countries. Through this exchange, the fusion of different tastes came to be. What makes fusion cuisine so great? Here are five reasons:

  1. Fusion cuisine allows you the taste of different worlds.

In the words of food enthusiast Max Ortiz, “Combining the best of both worlds, fusion cuisine excites the tongue and increases the range of your palate. …A gastronomic adventure, fusion cuisine will not only let you travel the world, it will also satisfy your soul.”

  1. It’s a great way to spice up your usual food menu.

If you’re tired of eating the same old dishes, you can turn to fusion cuisine to make things interesting. You can spice up your usual Italian pasta with a touch of Korean and savor the deliciousness of spicy Korean penne pasta. With fusion cuisine you can eat your favorite food for a whole week and not get tired of it. You can even try your hand at being a fusion chef and invent new fusion meals to add to your usual menu.


fusion meal


  1. It’s a gateway to discovering new and exciting dishes.

When you have a fusion meal, you get a mix of two, three, or more flavors in one. Through fusion cuisine, you can add new flavors to your palate. You can discover new dishes that may turn out to be new favorites. If you’re the type who likes to make your own food, fusion cooking is just as exciting as usual cooking.

  1. It has a lot to offer.

With fusion cuisine, the possibilities are endless. You can go from combining Mexican food with French or Japanese with Italian. You can have the Vietnamese-French fusion you’ve always dreamed of. The world is suffused with various cuisines. And if you’re planning to create a fusion food menu, then you have enough options to make you dizzy.

  1. It lets you combine some of your favorite cuisines in one tasty dish.

If you like Mediterranean and Asian cuisines equally and want to enjoy them at the same time, fusion cuisine is your answer. You can add the two things you love to make one dish that you won’t be able to resist. The best thing about it is that you can experiment as much as you want to get the results you desire.