Modern-Day Approach to Exquisite Mexican Cuisine

Best Contemporary Recipes of Traditional Mexican Dishes


Mexico is not only a vibrant country in terms of culture and festivities, it also has a vibrant array of traditional dishes and a whole interesting history when it comes to food.

Mexican cooking is popular for its explosion of flavors and mixing of different spices. It is also described as unique and authentic. Some are prepared quite differently like the tamale which is often steamed in a banana leaf.

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Often it is the distinct taste of Mexican cuisine that makes it special. Despite influencing other dishes of other countries and having mixed origins, Mexican food is still one of the most admired foods in the world. As it continues to flourish, it also gains different versions. Today’s culinary industry have come up with modern-day embellishments for traditional Mexican food. These contemporary twists add more color to the already scrumptious recipes.

We have collected the best modern-day spinoffs of traditional Mexican food and they really are a must-try.



QUESADILLA mexican recipe

A quesadilla is a grilled tortilla that has cheese in it. It is one of the most famous Mexican recipes and is loved by a lot of people around the world. This relatively simple dish is improved in so many ways through the following recipes:

Shrimp and Black Bean Quesadillas

In this modern-day recipe of the cheesy traditional dish, shrimp and black beans are added to make it more flavorful. This dish is perfect on family gatherings and other small occasions.

Mexican Tortilla Stack

Like layers of pancakes, this quesadilla tower is full in flavor that you will definitely enjoy.

Cheeseburger Quesadilla

With a more western style, the traditional Mexican quesadilla is now more American and contemporary like burgers.



salsa mexican dish

Salsa, or simply sauce, is a quick and easy to prepare Mexican dish. Most of the time it is tomato-based and has basic spices like onions, beans, corn, chili, etc. Contemporary recipes of this popular Mexican dip are more experimental and involves contrasting taste and non-spicy and sweeter ingredients.

Chipotle-Tomatillo Salsa

Perfect for those in love with chili and just want their food hot and tasty.

Pineapple Pickle Salsa

This dish shows you the tropical way of eating your tortilla chips. Perfect to pair with salty chips, and a good way to balance your meals.

Watermelon Mango Salsa

Still another sweet version of the salsa, this dish is a healthier approach to dips. Prepared with fresh watermelon and mango, this Mexican food is a perfect pair for alcoholic beverages while relaxing by the beach.



taco mexican food

A taco is still a tortilla, that’s either fold or rolled and has filling. Fillings, like other Mexican cuisine, often comprised of spices, tomato sauce, and cheese. It can also contain meat and fish. In these recipes, taco fillings are made more exciting.

Five-Spice Salmon Tacos

Salmon itself is flavorful, making it ideal to be stuffed inside tacos that can definitely complement its taste. This recipe is a fancy version of the seemingly simple Mexican dish.

Chorizo Calabaza Tacos

This low-calorie taco recipe does not compromise flavor in eating healthy.

Avocado Tacos

In this fruity taco, you will have a different opinion on putting fruits on your tortilla.




Still tortilla-based, chilaquiles often have tomato sauce and salsa spread over the totopos or triangle-shaped tortillas. This easy Mexican dish is eaten during breakfast or brunch.

Chilaquiles Casserole

This recipe serves many people, perfect for family dinners.

Baked Chilaquiles with Beans and Corn

Beans and corn adds more flavor to the baked goodness that is loved by many people around the world.

Chilaquiles Verdes con Pollo- Green Chilaquiles with Chicken

In this contemporary recipe, the Mexican theme is retained to maintain the authenticity of the dish. It is both authentic and new.



ENCHILADAS mexican dish

Enchiladas is still rolled tortilla that’s often covered in chili sauce. The filling still varies according to culture but usually contains meat, spices, and vegetables. This is an absolute favorite of those who like spicy Mexican cuisine.

Vegetable and Bean Enchiladas

This recipe is a healthy enchilada for vegetarians and lovers of leafy greens.

Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas

In this seafood enchilada, you will have a good taste of sunny Mexico and the salty ocean. It is a real tropical delight!

Turkey Enchiladas

Turkey is popular in America, especially for thanksgiving. This recipe is perfect for post-thanksgiving turkey. Never waste and turn your leftover into a traditional Mexican food.


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