Delectable French Cuisines You Need to Try

France has an artistic and diverse cuisine that will surely make your mouths gape. From the taste of spiced meats, delicious soups, tasty breads, rich-flavored salad, and delightful desserts to try, France has been the home of dynamic and emergent gastronomy.

french cuisine

The advent of French cuisine dates back to the middle ages wherein all dishes were served as one course, referred to as service en confusion. But centuries later, influenced by Italy’s gastronomy, French culinary became complex, and various dishes were served in separate courses.

Owing to Georges Auguste Escoffier, the haute cuisine became the new French cuisine development, focusing more on sophisticated food preparations and cooking.  And by mid-20th century to late 20th century, nouvelle cuisine became popular, in which several chefs became inventive and meticulous on aesthetic representations of their meal’s visual preparation. As of today, French food and recipes are still evolving, and some of their regions have varying cuisines.

The rich varieties of French cuisine reflect the abundant culture and history of France. That being said, there are numerous French dishes and restaurants that will definitely satisfy your taste-buds. Here are some of the best French cuisine foods that your mouths and eyes can indulge.


French Onion Soup

A bowl of French onion soup is all you need for lazy cold mornings. The simple traditional soup is usually accompanied by bread croutons and grated cheese. The sweet caramelized onion, rich flavor of beef stock, and toasted sourdough with cheese toppings are enough to make you realize that simplicity has its beauty.


Salade Comtoise 

From Franche-Comté, it is a salad served as appetizer or main course. It is a mixture of bacon, sausage, sliced potatoes, tomatoes, pieces of nuts, red cabbage, and a special sauce or comte cheese with tasty seasonings—easy to cook but delicious to taste.



Ratatouille is a traditional French stewed vegetable cuisine made with iridescent summer vegetables: zucchini, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil or a mixture of green herbs. The vegetables are cooked in a separate manner to elevate the taste and aroma of every ingredient. It can be served as side dish or filling for an omelet or tart. If you are looking for a hot flavorful dish in France, then this one’s worth a try.

French food and recipes

Boeuf bourguignon

An appetizing traditional French recipe originating from a Burgundy region, Boeuf bourguignon offers you a stew served with a beef broth, red wine, mushrooms, garlic, and onions. As the French cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, describes Boeuf bourguignon as “certainly one of the most delicious beef dishes concocted by man.”

Gratin Dauphinois

An original French gourmet that can be easily cooked through a combination of sliced potatoes, butter, clove of garlic, and crème fraiche. You can also add some cheese to modify the taste. This is one of the best French cuisines that you can conveniently make and savored with delight.

Wine and cheese

France is famous for their copious diversity of cheese and notable wine. The cheese is usually served after the main dish, while the wine can be paired with some French dishes, or better, with a cheese. A fine cheese matched with a sweet wine can produce a relaxing blend of flavor, aroma, and texture.

wine and cheese



You can’t write about best French cuisines without including their delicious fine bread. It is a customary for them to have a bread basket in the table when they eat a meal. Baguette is the most popular type of bread in France; it offers a sensational crisp taste and can be perfectly paired with cheese.

Tarte tatin

Tarte tatin is a baked dish French dessert famous for its origin as a happy accident. The recipe, which includes butter, fresh apples, sugar, and flour, transform it into a sweet-coated pastry with such mouthwatering symphony of flavors.

Chocolate soufflé

It’s a French classic sweet dessert mainly composed of chocolate, butter, cream of tartar, sugar, Grand Marnier, beaten egg whites, and egg yolks. The excellent combination of chocolate, butter, and other ingredients complements with each other’s flavor. This is a must-try French dessert!


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