Greek Cuisine to Tickle Your Fancy

When thinking of Greek food, does your mind go right to Greek salad? Or are you thinking more of ingredients like pita, olive oil, and Greek yogurt? Perhaps you are one of those ancient types who crave nectar and ambrosia. Greek cuisine is more than just gyros and whatnots; it is a product of tradition, good harvest, and simplicity.

greek cuisine

Greek dishes have evolved over time, but its essence stays and continues to catch people’s attention. Not only does Greek cuisine follow tradition, it is also served in a traditional order. Greek households observe the sequential serving of dishes, starting with Greek appetizers called meze, a collection of snacks or small dishes served before the main course. It is usually served with ouzo, an anise-flavored Greek traditional alcoholic drink, or Greek wine.

Greek Food Traditions

 The eating habits of Greeks have changed over time. Heroes of Greek Mythology, like Perseus and Achilles, would be stunned by the unrecognizable dishes and ingredients present in Modern Greek gastronomy. Traditional Greek cooking can be quite complicated. There are many Greek cuisines that are reinventions of the traditional dishes. This revamping is by Greek chefs who mix new styles of cooking with the traditional way. But that is not to say their beloved dishes have all changed. Greek foods are made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. From hand-picked salads to freshly caught fish, Greeks pride themselves on the richness of the bounty of their land and seas. It is the tradition of serving good food that makes Greek cuisine appetizing.

Basic Greek Ingredients

 When it comes to food, common ingredients in Greek meals are present. Greece’s landscape blesses its people with plentiful harvest. One of these blessings is olive oil. It’s a staple in Greek dining and traditional Greek food recipes; majority of the daily fat intake of Greeks comes from olive oil. Another staple is cheese. With feta being one of the most well-known exports of Greece, it does not come as a shock that Greeks love their cheese. Grains are also a very common addition to a Greek diet. From wheat that makes bread and pasta to other food toppings, grains have a special place in Greek hearts.

greek cuisine

Food can mirror the culture of a certain country. It shows what its land and sea can offer. It is the telling of how the people live. So if you are planning a Greek adventure, may this article help prepare you for what to eat.