International Cuisines You Need to Try Today

Food is a living art form. There is something new each day to explore and discover. Chefs around the world cook dishes like an artist; they innovate, redesign, and extract the delectable flavor of every dish, like you don’t have to ride a plane just to try Chinese cuisine. Nowadays, international cuisines are accessible through restaurants near you. Here’s a checklist on the different type of cuisines that you have to try.

International Cuisines


French Cuisine. Along with its celebrated five-star chefs, France has an expanding list of foods that is also acknowledged by some foreign cuisines. Chefs will gladly cook a classic Ratatouille, French onion soup, and serve you with wine and cheese. If you want something sweet, then Tarte Tatin and Chocolate soufflé is for you, but if you crave for a fresh vegies, then Salade Comtoise is the choice.

Greek Cuisine. Greece is also known for its classical sea food cuisines due to its location near the sea. But if you like their signature dish, try Moussaka. It is a Greek dish that includes sliced eggplant baked in a ground beef or lamb, and then layered with an exquisite cheese sauce.

Caribbean Cuisine. The Caribbean cuisine is a mixture of many different countries, including African, European, and Mediterranean dishes. Their famous dishes include jerk pork, fish stew, goat curry, mango chicken, and oxtails. Jerk chicken with rice and peas is a must-try international cuisine that you won’t regret.

Japanese Cuisine.
With its dazzling sceneries and rich tradition, Japan has also been the home of fresh and vibrant dishes. The usual Japanese foods are rice, sushi, tempura, udon, soba, and ramen. But if you want something else, you can also enjoy steamed white rice accompanied with miso soup, or take a bite of flavorful shabu-shabu for a treat. After a long day of savoring these decadent dishes, you can have a sip of green tea.

foreign cuisines


Indian Cuisine. Indian delicacies are often based on rice, vegetables, or sea foods. Hot curries are the traditional food-to-go, but if you want to discover more, then there’s a lot to mention. They have chicken balti, new potato and tamarind salad, Cardamom butter chicken, sambar, creamy masala chicken, and other types of curries.

Italian Cuisine. The most delectable dish you can try in Italy, other than pizza, is the pasta and cacciatore. The Italian dishes are often accompanied with red wine and sauce that brings out the best flavor of their culture food. You can always try some of their best dishes: Tortellini en Brodo, Osso Buco all Milanese, Foccaccia di recco, Bottarga, and roast red wine lamb with Italian beans.

Mexican Cuisine. Take a bite of classic Mexican chicken burritos, Doritos taco salad, chicken fajitas, beef enchiladas, and pair it with chicken tortilla soup. Their typical foods are spiced with lots of chili, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, garlic cloves, and onion.

Thai Cuisine. Thailand has the most popular cuisines in the world that food lovers should include in their list. Thai food vividly focuses on the harmony, texture, flavor, color, and the interplay of ingredients used. If you want their country food, try Pad Thai. The ingredients are harmoniously blended to create a classical flavor with mild spice.


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