Mexican Cuisine History for Beginners

Much of Mexico’s cuisine is elaborate and symbol laden, both with ancient flavors and an international flare. A huge melting pot of different cultures, it is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with European influences with a centuries-old connection between the food and the people.

On Haute Cuisine Brilliancy

An Overview and Brief History of Haute Cuisine’s Grandeur If you haven’t tasted haute cuisine yet, then you haven’t enjoyed real food until now. This distinct cuisine, which originated from France, is a flawless combination of art and cookery with a poetic food taste and composition. With its ever-evolving gastronomy, haute gourmet is the centerpiece of French cuisine that aims Read More

Fusion cuisine
What You Need to Know about Fusion Cuisine

Five Reasons Why Fusion Cuisine is Super Fusion cuisine has been around far longer than most people think. While the term itself is somewhat new, the concept has been around for years and years. What is fusion cuisine exactly? Natasha Gelling at defines fusion cuisine as “the blending of culinary worlds to create new, hybrid dishes.”     For Read More

International Cuisines You Need to Try Today

Food is a living art form. There is something new each day to explore and discover. Chefs around the world cook dishes like an artist; they innovate, redesign, and extract the delectable flavor of every dish, like you don’t have to ride a plane just to try Chinese cuisine. Nowadays, international cuisines are accessible through restaurants near you. Here’s a Read More