Kitchen Knives You Practically Need to Better Your Cooking

Here are ten most common types of kitchen knives and their uses


kitchen knives


Kitchen knife is one of the most important tools in cooking. Having a sharp knife with the right size and shape makes food preparation safer and easier. With the right kind of knife, you can have a better control of the food you are making.


Here are ten different types of knives that can help you improve your cooking skills.


  1. Chef’s knife

chef-knifeThis is the most commonly used knife for chopping, slicing, precision cutting, and crushing. Its blade is usually between six to fourteen inches long, and one and a half in width. Its curve is more pronounced at the tip. Although it is used for several purposes, the chef’s knife was originally intended to slice large cuts of beef.



  1. Serrated utility knifeserrated-utility-knife

If you want a clean cut, this knife is for you. Its blade is between four to seven inches long. This is usually used for cutting cleanly through delicate fruits and vegetables, and for small slicing. If this knife doesn’t ring a bell to you, maybe its other terms do—tomato or sandwich knife.


  1. Paring knife

paring_knifeThis handy knife has several uses. The simplicity and sharpness of its blade is ideal for intricate works, such as peeling and trimming fruits and vegetables. If you’re into garnishing, this is the ideal knife as well.



  1. Boning knife

boning-knifeThis knife has a thin pointed blade about twelve centimeters long, and is used for separating meat and connective tissues from bones during butchering and trimming. Its blade may either be stiff or flexible. The stiff blade is more suited for cutting beef, while the flexible one is for chicken.


  1. Bread knife

bread-knifeLonger version of the serrated utility knife, the bread knife has serrated grooves designed to cleanly cut soft, fresh loaves without squashing or tearing them. Although used typically for bread (hence, the name), it’s also great for cutting tomatoes and citrus.



  1. Mincing knife

mincing-knifeMincing the ingredients, like garlic and onion, is probably the most tiring thing to do. But worry no more! There is actually a perfect knife for that. With its pendulum-looking face, it intends to finely mince vegetables and herbs by moving it in a rocking motion.



  1. Trimming knife

trimming-knifeThe trimming knife is used to separate the meat from its bone in small areas. But if you’re into garnishing, like making radish roses, this knife is the ideal one.




  1. Cheese knife

cheese-knifeYes, there is a special type of kitchen knife for various kinds of cheese! For cheese-lovers out there who enjoy a wine and cheese party, you must own this kind of knife. One which is designed for soft cheeses has perforated holes to keep the cheese from sticking to the knife. For harder cheeses, there is one type which is much sharper.



  1. Filleting knife


You can actually use the boning knife for filleting fishes. For larger fish, you will need a longer blade. The filleting knife is the right knife for the job. It can do a lot of work with seafood, but first, make sure that you choose one with a slip resistant handle.


  1. Palette knife

palette-knifeThis knife is similar to a spatula, and is neither sharp nor designed for cutting. What differentiates it from a spatula is its blunt and round end. This is typically used for smoothing, lifting, or spreading creams, sauces, and other culinary designs.



Now that you have an inkling of the different types of kitchen knives, it’s time to put that on your list for your next step—shopping!