Cooking Tips for Food Enthusiasts and Starters

Get These Cooking Secrets that Top Chefs Would Like You to Try


Some people are just simply born to cook oh-so-yummy dishes. Take those chefs we see on The Food Network who could chop a piece of carrot in a nanosecond. These people that we see on the television could make their own version of every food recipe on this planet, and even create a new one. The bad news is that there are people—like you and me—whose cooking capabilities are limited to frying an egg, and serving a three-minute noodle.

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Cooking shows can be very entertaining. But just as watching basketball doesn’t make a professional basketball player, watching cooking shows doesn’t turn you into a celebrity chef. Fortunately, cooking food is a skill, and it can be learned. It just takes a lot of practice, and a number of kitchen disasters to turn yourself into a wonderful cook.Take these simple cooking tips and tricks as a starter:

Turn your pan handles to the side

Make it a habit to turn the handle of your pan to the side. As oppose to popular belief, cooking is a frenzy hobby. You race back and forth around the kitchen, then you might bump into the handles, and bang the pan onto the floor.

Get a chef’s knife

Purchase a chef’s knife, which is also known as the cook’s knife, and have it sharpened by a pro. It is one of the most basic cooking tips because a dull knife is not easy to work with. Making sure that you have a sharp knife will make chopping a whole lot easier and faster.

Don’t leave the kitchen

It seems like a no-brainer, but seriously, never ever leave the kitchen when cooking something. Although sometimes, it can be tempting to leave the pan for a minute, to throw the garbage outside. But as a food safety tip, do not bend this rule. Most of the time, nothing serious happens, but other times, you return to a scorched meal.

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Read the recipe

Make sure to read the entire recipe, twice! Prepare ahead of time, and gather all the necessary ingredients. A bit of preparation can help your cooking run smoothly. Also, make sure to write any important notes in your recipe book. The pork could have been perfect fifteen more minutes in the oven? The soup could have used a cup of chicken stock? Note all of these things on your cookbook.

Master the art of stir-fry

Stir-fry is comparable to instant noodle in terms of practicality and prep time. Stir-fry is one of the simplest meals to cook, thus, every beginner should know how to stir-fry. The key is to keep the veggies crisp, so cook them on high heat for two minutes. The veggies and meat should be cut into bite pieces, and should be around the same size. Having a wok is perfect for this quick meal, but if you do not have one, a wide-bottomed pan will do.

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Know how to handle garlic

Put the garlic in a small jar and shake it for thirty seconds. This kitchen tip is helpful in automatically separating the garlic cloves from its skin. To get rid of the garlic’s strong scent, rub your fingers on anything that is made of stainless steel.

Lastly, clean as you go

Get a large bowl and  use it to fill with kitchen-related trash, such as egg shells, potato peels, and carrot skin. It is handy and more practical than the traditional garbage can.

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