Cooking Methods You Need to Know

Everyone loves to eat; however, not everyone knows how to cook. The effort and time it takes to cook food discourages most people to prepare for their own. And with the rising number of fast food chains, anyone can eat anytime, anywhere.

Cooking Methods


What we forget, though, is that there is joy in cooking and a satisfaction in eating what you personally prepared. Moreover, it gives a sense of achievement if other people compliment your cooking. To start learning how to cook, one must know the different methods of preparing food. Here, we list down some of the most basic cooking techniques:

FryingFrying – is cooking food in fat or oil. Different types of fry cooking are as follows: (1) deep-frying, where food is completely immersed in hot oil; (2) stir-frying, where you need to constantly move the food while being cooked in high heat; (3) pan-frying, where food is cooked in low heat to make sure the inside part is also cooked; and (4) sautéing, where the food is cooked on one side and then flipped to the other side.

BakingBaking – term regularly used for cooking bread, pastries, and desserts. When baking, food is heated in an enclosed environment, through convection heating, meaning, heating the air around the food.

RoastingRoasting – is the same as baking, but done in high heat. Also, roasting applies to cooking different kinds of meat, where the meat’s juice helps cook the meat itself.


Grilling or Broiling                                                    Grilling or Broiling – is a dry heat cooking method that is easy and fast to do. Grilling is when the heat source is at the bottom, where coal or wood is commonly used. On the other hand, broiling is when the heat source originates from the top instead of the bottom. Before broiling or grilling, food can be marinated or seasoned. Be careful though as this method could easily burn what you’re cooking.

BoilingBoiling – is the most common method of cooking and is the simplest. You just need to fully soak the food in water and then cook over fire. The heated water is what cooks the actual food. The liquid is usually thrown away after cooking.

SteamingSteaming – means cooking food in water vapor over boiling water. The food is kept separate from the boiling water, securing a moist texture for the food. Buns, dumplings, and rice cakes are some of the popular food cooked through steaming.

simmeringSimmering – involves cooking liquid on top of a stove in a pot or pan, in low heat. Compared to boiling, simmering is done in low heat, and you can see bubbles breaking through the liquid surface.


stewingStewing – when stewing, food is cooked using a lot of liquid. Usually, different kinds of meat and vegetables are added to the pot to create a stew. A stew is usually thick compared to soup, but the process for making soup is still considered as stewing.

There are a number of different cooking techniques all around the world, and this list only mentions the most basic ones. By learning the most basic tasks, we become better and more responsible individuals—attending to your family’s needs and yours.