Learn How to Cook Great Food with These Basic Cooking Skills

You will never become a good chef if you never learn the basic skills. These skills are not something that you’re born with; it is a step-by-step process to master these abilities you are eager to have. As an amateur warrior in the kitchen, it will always be difficult to prepare edible foods for your loved ones, since you still have no basic skills in cooking.

basic cooking skills

So, today, let’s learn the basic cooking skills you need for you to cook great food . . . maybe not as delicious as Gordon Ramsey’s or the late Anthony Bourdain’s, but at least your loved ones would love them.

Here are the basic skills of cooking for beginners like you and me:

The art of cutting

Knife skills in the kitchen should be the first to master in cooking. Chopping meat, slicing fruits, and cutting vegetables are more enjoyable than buying already chopped meat, sliced fruits, and cut vegetables. techniques in cookingCooking also means exerting effort to make the food you’re making more delicious and can easily be your way to a person’s heart.

Besides, knives are very hard to handle since they can cut your hand, if you’re not careful enough to see where you use your knife. But mastering basic cutting techniques in cooking can lessen the boredom in the kitchen.

 Frying the cold heart

After you master knife skills, the next thing you should learn is frying. Frying should need attention more often to cook your food the right way (not overcooked). This needs more patience, as the oil will sometimes become your enemy (oil splash).basic skills in cooking

 The first thing you need to do is wash the frying pan, and after that, make sure that the frying pan is dry (free from any kind of moisture). Put the oil in the pan and let it heat for about 2‑3 minutes (until smoke appears) and then put whatever you’re frying in there, cover all sides, and, lastly, wait for your food to be cooked properly. And viola! Another job well done!

Searing the heat of love

Searing is a method used in roasting, grilling, sautéing, braising, and baking to lock the moisture or seal the food’s juices. This technique makes food look tasty, well-cooked, and can emphasize the aroma of the food.

Emulsifying two different hearts

Emulsifying is a cooking technique of mixing liquids that commonly resist being combined, like oil and vinegar. It is a basic kitchen skill used to make items like pesto, salad dressing, and desserts. Emulsifying food is like the attraction of positively charged protons and negatively charged neutrons. They are different, but when you combine them, they complement each other to create one good thing.

Of blanching and shocking romance

According to All Recipes staff, “Blanching and shocking allows you to partially cook vegetables and cool them quickly, so they retain their crunch. It is somewhat like a half-cook method used to retain its original flavor and can easily be sauced, browned, or broiled before it serves.” Sounds easy, right?


You can master your kitchen with these basic cooking skills we’ve shared for you. These cooking techniques are the edge of the unending methods to master cooking. You too can make your own technique in preparing foods for your treasures, but we suggest you master the basics first.