Ketogenic Diet Plan for the Foodie Who Wants to Lose Weight

Are you a food lover who badly wants to lose weight?

Ketogenic Diet Plan for the Foodie Who Wants to Lose WeightWe know the struggle is real for you. With more and more diet plans to choose from, you wonder what diet works for you best—since you are the food at heart. If you want to lose weight while still enjoying the food that you crave for, better try the Ketogenic diet plan.

But before planning to start, read this first.

What is the Ketogenic diet plan?

What is the Ketogenic diet plan?Ketogenic diet is a special low-carb meal plan that helps you lose weight by reducing carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fat for energy. The intake of high-fat and moderate protein helps speed up metabolic process, and turns fat into ketones that fuel energy to your brain.

Why go Keto?

Most experts believe that Keto diet is safe for weight loss and reliable for blood sugar control and cholesterol. If you are a foodie and want to lose a few pounds, this diet is for you.

Ketogenic diet helps increase your fat burning activity, and at the same time, decrease your fat storage. Several research suggest that Ketogenic diet improves insulin sensitivity and reduce calorie intake, which is a vital aspect for losing weight.

keto diet meal planWith lower insulin levels and reduction of excess water from your body, fat is rapidly lost in the process—especially in first sixth months.

When you’re on Keto diet meal plan, you maintain healthy food choices. It also helps lowers the risk of several diseases, like epilepsy, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s.

Other positive benefits from practicing Ketogenic diet plan:

  • Increases mental performance
  • Prevents cancer
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Treats epilepsy and other brain and heart diseases

Note: As your body tries to adapt within a few days for this kind of meal plan, do a regular low-carb diet for the first few weeks first before you go full Keto diet. And in case some side effects occur, you can take mineral supplements.

What to eat when on Keto diet?

Carbohydrate and protein intake should be limited to 50g per day only. And since the intake is depending on your health goal and plan, you can choose what your Ketogenic diet plan would look like.

Here’s an ideal food to eat on Keto meal plan, and alongside the food you must not include.

What to eat when on Keto diet